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Bringing food and wine together the way they were meant to be

Our mission is to give amazing wines the voice they deserve. We aim to elevate your dining experience by finding what pairs perfectly with your meal. Often, wine is an afterthought with pairings. A wine is matched with an already fully formed dish - with the result that rather than working together, they just don’t work against each other. Our goal is to make the wine the star of the show while still creating engaging, delicous food with fresh, local ingredients. We believe that pairings can be approachable and affordable. Not all meals are champagne and caviar and your pairings don’t need to be either.

“Just like becoming an expert in wine—you learn by drinking it, the best you can afford—you learn about great food by finding the best there is, whether simply or luxurious.” - Julia Child

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Our events have great breadth in style: large to small, plated to buffet, passed hors d’oeuvres to stations and more. No matter the format, we maintan the foundation of keeping high quality wine and food pairings as the focus. Our main goal is to make sure the wine is never overshadowed.


The Crew

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Joey grew up northwest of Atlanta, Georgia. Searching for something creative and active, he enrolled in culinary school directly after graduating high school. After working for a couple years in Georgia and South Carolina, he jumped at an opportunity to move to New York City. He used the opportunity to learn as much as possible, cooking under noted chefs such as Brad McDonald & Peter Hoffman. After eight years of the grinding big city cook-life, he moved to Portland, Oregon to be in a thriving food city that was also conducive to family life. Joey was a sous chef at Roman Candle Baking Co. and Olympia Provisions before committing full time to raising his daughter. He also took this time to launch his dream of starting his own project, Parallel Food & Drink. His southern roots, New York training, and mentorship by farm-driven chefs have given him a cooking style that is a seasonally-driven combination of comfort and fine dining.



While she didn’t grow up around wine, a whole new world opened up to Stacey after studying abroad in Tuscany during college. Not realizing it could be a career, she stuck with her political science studies and briefly moved to Washington, DC after graduation. Feeling occupationally lost, she scratched all plans and moved to New York City, where she got a job as a hostess in the Flatiron District. She loved learning more about food and wine and fell hard for the energy and pace of the restaurant floor. After managing the wine list at Momofuku Ma Peche, she moved on to Corkbuzz Wine Studio under the mentorship of Master Sommelier Laura Maniec. In 2013, after passing the Advanced Sommelier exam, she moved to Portland to start a family and be closer to the Willamette Valley. After managing several wine lists in the city, Stacey started as the wine director for the bar at Park Avenue Fine Wines in 2017 and was recently promoted to partner.